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App Debuts


Noteworthy new app releases and updates, handpicked by the MacStories team.


John first covered Funnel’s debut version in December, and the app received a major 1.1 update earlier this week that has added a timeline view to see all notes, images, and tasks you’ve recently captured. This chronological feed allows you to search through your entries and send them again to other apps. Funnel has been on my list of apps to try for months, and I guess it’s now time to put it on my Home Screen for a while and see what happens.


Windora is one of the most interesting “fun” utilities I’ve tried for visionOS to date. The app’s sole purpose is to create a virtual version of a literal window in your workspace and – here comes the twist – put one of your panoramas inside it. The idea is a genius one: Windora gives you the illusion that you’re looking out a window at beautiful landscapes or whatever else may be in your pano collection. By using panoramas with a wide aspect ratio, you can walk around the window and see more of the photo inside it, just like you can take a peek at what’s going on outside by walking around a window in your house. It’s an incredible effect that you’ll have to try for yourself to see how good it is. The app can be downloaded for free, but with an In-App Purchase you can unlock the ability to tweak window styles, use animation overlays (such as rain and snow), sound effects, and the ability to automatically cycle between your favorite panoramas.


Echodots is a color pattern game for iPhone and iPad that reminds me of Simon, an electronic game from the late 70s. The game features one puzzle per day that requires you observe a grid of colored dots as they light up and repeat the pattern. It then shows you which dots you got wrong and gives you additional chances to try again. Echodots integrates with Game Center, offers sharing, and includes a leaderboard. The game is ad-free and can be purchased on the App Store for a one-time payment of $4.99, with optional In-App Purchases that unlock additional features.


I recently reviewed NowPlaying, a great companion app for Apple Music subscribers. The latest version includes integration with, a fantastic addition to to the app. NowPlaying’s SongDisplay mode can automatically scrobble as it detects music through your device’s microphone. You can also scrobble full albums and reflect favorites in NowPlaying as ‘loved’ songs on

Agile 3

Agile is a game from Ben McCarthy that dates back to when they were first learning iOS development. It’s essentially a game of whack-a-mole, but on the Vision Pro, iOS, and iPadOS. Circles light up on a grid one after another at an increasing speed as you play. You have to dart your eyes around the board and pinch the circle before moving on to the next one. I thought this would be impossible to do at a fast pace, but I was surprised at how quickly I got good at tapping the circles as they lit up. Agile 3 is best in short sessions, but I’ve found that it has also improved my efficiency at navigating around the visionOS UI, which is a nice perk.


BitMaps, which Federico covered in Weekly 406, was updated with the ability to open addresses, compass coordinates, and links from both Google and Apple Maps in the app. Michael Steeber’s utility is a wonderful example of the sort of thing Apple should have done with its own Maps app on visionOS.