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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club MacStories?

What does the Club MacStories tier offer?

What does the new Club MacStories+ tier offer?

What does the new Club Premier tier offer?

Is anything changing for the old, regular Club MacStories membership?

What’s the deal with this new ‘Calliope’ web app?

Okay, what are these advanced Calliope features?

Can I use Calliope as a regular Club MacStories member?

How can I access Club MacStories+ and Club Premier content?

Do I need to create a separate Club MacStories+ or Club Premier account for this?

What happens if I downgrade my subscription?

What is the Club Discord?

What is AppStories+?

How often can I expect to receive newsletters and other content from you as a Club MacStories member?

Is this secure?

I have a problem and need to get in touch with you.

Do you have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service I can read?

Will you spam me?

Who’s behind this?

How can I cancel my subscription?