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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppStories+?

How is AppStories+ different than the free version of the show?

Are you changing the free version of AppStories?

I’m a Club MacStories member already and want to subscribe. What are my options?

I’m a Club MacStories member. Do I need to create a separate Club Premier account to get AppStories+?

I just want to sign up for AppStories+, why does your payment page mention Club MacStories?

I’m new here. How do I subscribe?

If I subscribe to AppStories+, can I upgrade to Club Premier later?

Can I give an AppStories+ subscription as a gift?

Where can I listen?

Is AppStories+ secure and private?

Why are you offering AppStories+ as an Apple Podcasts Subscription if its features are limited and it costs more?

I have a problem and need to get in touch with you. How do I do that?

Do you have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service I can read?

Will you spam me?

Who’s behind this?

How can I cancel my subscription?