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App Debuts


Noteworthy new app releases and updates, handpicked by the MacStories team.


Friend of MacStories Michael Steeber has released an outstanding update to Facades, his app to browse Apple’s worldwide retail locations. In the big version 2.0 update, Facades – which is a beautifully-designed app – lets you browse the timeline and history of any Apple store, create and share “visit receipts” for the stores you’ve visited, create custom lists that sync with iCloud, and so much more. I am amazed by the amount of data and detail that has gone into Facades, which truly is the definitive compendium for Apple retail stores at this point. I’m convinced that, outside of Apple, no one in the world is more knowledgeable about Apple retail stores than Michael, and his passion shows in the app. This is one of my favorite new app releases in a while.

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