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Devon Dundee


Creating a Timeline of My Life with Everlog

Creating a Timeline of My Life with Everlog

I’ve always known that journaling was good for me, but doing it consistently was something I used to really struggle with. The last time I decided to restart my journaling practice – after a number of failed attempts, mind you – I turned to Wessley Roche’s Everlog, and it stuck. I’ve written in the app daily for over two years now and amassed nearly 2,000 entries.

Why did this particular approach to journaling click for me when others in the past haven’t? I can’t say for sure. I would like to think it has something to do with self-discipline and personal growth, but it could just as easily be attributed to how much I enjoy using Everlog. Either way, I’m thankful that it worked; journaling has become a great way for me to reflect and decompress at the end of each day.