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EU and Epic Drama, a New Vision Pro, and WireDrop?


Highlights of the latest Club MacStories+ happenings.

EU and Epic Drama, a New Vision Pro, and WireDrop?

Among the highlights on the Club MacStories Discord:

Lachlan shared a link to an interesting article on PetaPixel about the fact that no commercial cameras currently exist with a resolution high enough to create realistic-looking content on the Apple Vision Pro.

Between DMA-related changes to iOS, the EU ruling on Spotify, and more Epic drama, #apple was busy discussing all of the week’s news.

The Onion always has the best takes, including this article about the new version of Vision Pro.

Andrew asked for help getting started with automations, which led to a great discussion. Do you have anything to add?

You know AirDrop. But what about WireDrop?

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