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Back to Reeder with a Split RSS Solution


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Back to Reeder with a Split RSS Solution

My approach to RSS and what I need from it have changed significantly over the years. RSS used to be where I found all of my tech-related reading material. Today, there are fewer interesting small and medium-sized sites to follow than there once were, and I get my reading material from more sources, including Twitter, the Club MacStories+ Discord, and more. That led me to rethink my RSS setup, which I wrote about in the January Monthly Log. Since then, the experiments have continued, and the solution has evolved, so I thought it would be good to provide an update.

What hasn’t changed is that I still treat RSS as an inbox that I process with Reeder. There are a lot of good alternatives to Reeder, but in the end, I’m always drawn back by Reeder’s design. The app doesn’t have the power user features of lire or Fiery Feeds, Unread rivals its design but doesn’t quite suit me, and ReadKit adds some gesture and design niceties that other apps haven’t matched, but Reeder’s combination of features and design is hard to beat and just fits well with my reading habits.

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