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An RSS Experiment

An RSS Experiment

I’ve used RSS sync services for years. The one I’ve used most is Inoreader, but I’ve also used Feed Wrangler, Feedly, and Feedbin.

Most recently, I’ve been using Inoreader, which offers a long list of features layered on top of traditional RSS for pro subscribers. In addition to using the service to follow around 300 feeds and keep my reading status in sync, I’ve taken advantage of Inoreader’s server-side saved searches to generate custom feeds covering specific topics, filtered out stories I’m not interested in using title keywords, and moved many of my email newsletters to RSS. Those are excellent tools that have served me well, but the reality is that I only use a small fraction of Inoreader’s pro features. Part of the problem is that some of the service’s most interesting tools require its iOS or web app, neither of which I like.

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