Why Time Track If You Don't Bill Anyone?


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Why Time Track If You Don't Bill Anyone?

As you probably know from our coverage of Timery, both Federico and I keep pretty close track of the time we spend working on MacStories projects. That’s something I did forever as a lawyer. Back then, I despised the time it took to time track and the crude tools I had available to me for tracking.

Tools like Timery make time tracking much easier for me today, but unlike my lawyer days, I’m not billing anyone by the hour, so why do I do it? There are a bunch of reasons. One reason is to keep myself honest about how I’m spending (or not spending) my time. It’s easy to get to the end of the week and feel like you’ve been busy, look back at the hours you worked on things and realize you really weren’t. That’s useful to know because you can then think about why you felt that way. Was it that your work wasn’t busy, but your personal life was, or perhaps just the way one specific project played out that week.

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