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Using My iPhone as a ‘TV Sidekick’ to Improve My Viewing Experience


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Using My iPhone as a ‘TV Sidekick’ to Improve My Viewing Experience

Anyone who knows me or interacted with me in the #movies-and-tv channel on the MacStories Discord will know I’m very passionate about my TV and movie watching. I’m the sort of person who fine-tunes the TV settings to optimize for the way the filmmaker intended (so long, motion smoothing!), lowers the lights when watching a movie, and rarely skips the opening credits.

I’m also someone who often struggles to focus and concentrate. I will write about how I’m trying to combat this in the future, but for now, I looked at helping myself concentrate better while watching TV, whether it’s shows, movies, or YouTube, using our Apple TV 4K. And it all comes down to the device we always have on us, our iPhone. An obvious way to rid distractions is to turn your iPhone off; however, I like accessing info about what I’m watching, picking what to watch next, and finding out what song is playing on the soundtrack.

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