Using Due as a Work Habit Tracker


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Using Due as a Work Habit Tracker

I’ve used habit tracking apps for years but don’t usually stick with them for too long. There are lots of great apps in the category to choose from that are flexible enough to work with any sort of task. However, the apps usually focus on personal goals like reading more, eating better, or exercising. Habit trackers are effective, but I think the reason I have a hard time sticking with habit trackers is that they feel too much like a parallel task management system, and I have enough tasks to look after already.

Still, there’s a lot to be said for the sort of reminder systems habit trackers offer. The entire premise is to form habits through repetition and reminders, and it works. That got me thinking about how the same sort of workflow could be used to reinforce scheduled work tasks, which led me to begin using Due on the Mac and iOS/iPadOS more.

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