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Type is a new note-taking app for the Mac in the style of app launchers like Raycast, Alfred, and macOS’s Spotlight Search. The premise is simple. Assign the app a hotkey, and when you invoke it, a text field will appear so you can capture a thought quickly. Hitting the Return key captures your text with a date and time stamp, and Escape dismisses the text field. It’s a lot like Things’ Quick Entry system but for a text file. Of course, there’s a little more to Type that makes it an intriguing tool for collecting ideas, journaling, and more, along with a couple of frustrating 1.0 limitations that I hope are addressed in the future.

For testing Type, I assigned it to ⌘ + /, which I find easy to find without looking at my keyboard. When the app is triggered, the space beneath the text entry field shows you a preview of the note to which your text will be added. By default, In the corner of the preview is a button that will open your note, or click anywhere else for a scrollable view of your entire note.

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