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Two Tips for Improving the Club Experience on Apple Platforms


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Two Tips for Improving the Club Experience on Apple Platforms

With Twitter probably meeting a sad and inevitable demise, I’m spending more time than ever in the Club MacStories Discord – which I want to optimize with new features and channels over the coming weeks – and I thought I’d share a tip that makes reopening Discord links from the Spotlight section of MacStories Weekly much better.

If you recall, a while back we rolled out the ability to reopen Club Discord links directly in either the Discord native app or web app through a special redirect system. At the time, I shared a shortcut to help with converting URLs into Club MacStories Discord links, but earlier this week I came across another intriguing solution. I was reading Jason Snell’s review of Redirect Web – a Safari extension that lets you set up redirect rules based on regular expressions – when I realized I could also use it to automatically redirect links to Discord messages in Safari to Club-specific links.

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