Introducing Discord Links that Open Directly in the App

Introducing Discord Links that Open Directly in the App

Discord allows users to share links to messages, which is a great way to share a conversation on a specific topic, except that they don’t open in the Discord app by default. Unlike other messaging apps that use URL schemes to open message links in their associated app, Discord takes you to the web, often requiring you to sign in again. It’s something that we’ve lived with since we launched the Club MacStories+ Discord community, but it has always bothered us.

So this week, Alex spent some time investigating and came up with a solution that solves the problem and gives Club members control over how Discord links work. Now, when Club MacStories+ and Premier members are logged into their Club accounts and click or tap on a Discord link, they’ll go to a webpage that lets them choose whether to open the link in the Discord app or in Safari.

This story is for Club MacStories, Club MacStories+, and Club Premier members only.

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