Tracking Current and Upcoming Videogames with GameTrack


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Tracking Current and Upcoming Videogames with GameTrack

A few days ago after John left Italy to return home, I realized I needed to take a small break from work since we had just spent five days constantly discussing the future of MacStories, the Club, our podcasts, and much more. (Spoiler: we’re already back to work building the future of MacStories, we have a clear vision for what we want, and I’m incredibly excited.) Obviously, I turned to videogames; specifically, I wanted to reorganize my system for tracking active games in my backlog, games I have “paused” for the moment, upcoming releases, and games I’ve finished or abandoned.

For the past few months, I’ve been using the excellent Sofa 3 to keep track of various media categories such as movies, books, music, and TV shows. The app has been especially useful for MacStories Unwind and our Discord community, where members are constantly recommending new media I want to save so I can consider it for future episodes of Unwind or group sessions of the AV Club. I had also saved videogames in Sofa, but what I recently realized is that the app doesn’t scale for games as well as it does for other kinds of media. Or maybe it just doesn’t work for the way I personally play videogames these days.

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