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Todoist Tasks for Obsidian Updated


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Todoist Tasks for Obsidian Updated

Earlier this week, we uploaded version 1.0.1 of the Todoist Tasks plugin for Obsidian to the Downloads area of Club MacStories. This new version brings full compatibility with the latest Todoist API and Obsidian 1.0.

In case you missed the original announcement last year, Todoist Tasks is a plugin we released for Club MacStories+ and Premier members that lets you integrate Obsidian and the Todoist task manager with true two-way communication between them. In any note of Obsidian, you can add a task with a special syntax (which we documented here), run a command, and the Markdown task will be linked to a “real” task in Todoist. At that point, you’ll be able to run the command again and, whether you’ll complete the task in Obsidian or Todoist first, the Markdown item in your Obsidian document will be updated to reflect the changes.

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