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Keyboard Shortcuts for Matter’s Safari Extension

Matter’s Safari extension.

Matter is a relatively new read-later service with iPhone and iPad apps, a semi-public web interface, and a Safari extension. The extension is simple but includes a nice touch that too few extension developers take advantage of: keyboard shortcuts.

With Matter’s Safari extension, you can enter Reader mode to read a story using Matter’s excellent text parser that cleans up cluttered sites or save an article to read later in Matter’s app. I know it’s not a monumental burden, but I don’t like clicking two places at the top of my Mac’s screen to save an article, which is why I was so glad to discover that Matter’s Reader mode and Save feature are available via ⌃R and ⌃M, respectively. A third keyboard shortcut ⌃D toggles between the extension’s light and dark modes. All three shortcuts are listed in the extension’s Preferences, which are found behind the three-dot menu in its UI.

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