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December 1, 2021

The Macintosh Desktop Experience: Building Script Applets and PopClip Extensions for Shortcuts on Mac

Script applets created with Script Applet Builder.

On MacStories today, I published the results of my earliest experiments with building shortcuts to batch process other shortcuts for use elsewhere in macOS and with other apps. The two shortcuts, Script Builder and Dock Applet Builder simplify the process of setting up multiple shortcuts as AppleScript .scpt files and Dock applets. Each has its own strengths, including being relatively simple.

But I wanted to find a way to avoid some constraints of those shortcuts and extend the idea of bulk processing of existing shortcuts to PopClip, an app that I’ve used since its earliest days more than a decade ago, so I built two more shortcuts just for Club members:

  • Script Applet Builder
  • PopClip Extension Builder

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