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Structured Has Helped Me Make Sense of My Daily Schedule


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Structured Has Helped Me Make Sense of My Daily Schedule

I’ve written before about my struggle to focus or concentrate on the task at hand. There are many distractions that can divert my attention, such as new trailers dropping, forgetting to practice my Spanish, or receiving fun messages. It can be challenging to stay focused on my full-time job, household tasks, or MacStories duties amidst all these interruptions. Furthermore, planning irregular tasks like going to the gym or taking returns to the Post Office can be overwhelming.

Using a task management app can be helpful. However, I have a tendency to procrastinate. At the end of the day, I often notice that only half of my to-do list is completed. Not because I didn’t have time but because I kept thinking I’d ‘do it later.’ Before I know it, it’s already the end of the day.

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