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Scanning Directly to Your Mac with an iPhone or iPad


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Scanning Directly to Your Mac with an iPhone or iPad

Federico and I lamented the Files app’s lack of features in comparison to the Finder in our iOS 15 Wishes and iPadOS Wishes episodes of AppStories, which got me thinking again about all the power packed into the Finder. Day-to-day, when you’re opening files and dragging them from one spot to another, it’s easy to forget about some of the hidden gems tucked away in the Finder’s UI.

One of the best-hidden features is the ability to scan directly into the Finder using an iPhone or iPad. The feature is hidden behind the three-dot button in the Finder’s toolbar. That isn’t a button I use very often because most of what it does duplicates right-clicking, which is how I prefer to access things like Services or the ‘Open With’ command.

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