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NoteClipper: A Web Clipper for Apple Notes


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NoteClipper: A Web Clipper for Apple Notes

In my continued experiment with Apple Notes and its improved Shortcuts integration in iOS 16, after figuring out how to link to specific notes in the app I turned my attention to something I frequently do on my iPhone and iPad: clipping Safari webpages and other links for later.

I was inspired by a Discord member to do this, and the result is NoteClipper, an advanced shortcut that uses Notes’ modern Shortcuts actions to save webpages from Safari or URLs passed via the clipboard and share sheet. NoteClipper is able to save various pieces of metadata associated with a webpage; it supports rich text for text selected in Safari as well as images thanks to Shortcuts’ improvements on this front in iOS 16; it lets you tag your clipped webpages; and, it even works around a pretty severe Shortcuts bug in iOS and iPadOS 16.

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