Creating Internal Links in the Notes App

Earlier this week on MacStories, I wrote about my experiments with the Apple Notes URL scheme and how I was able to leverage Shortcuts to find the unique identifiers for notes. As a result, I came up with a consistent approach for generating quick launchers for notes that you can use on the Lock Screen as widgets.

For this month’s issue of the Monthly Log, I created a spin-off version of that shortcut that uses the same technique to go beyond copying the raw URL scheme of a note. Instead, this shortcut generates a rich text link that you can paste in the Notes app to link back to another note without seeing the ugly mobilenotes:// URL scheme in your note. In fact, my goal was to mimic the functionality of apps like Craft and Obsidian, which allow you to create nicely-formatted internal links that point to other notes and display their title in the link’s text.

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