My Most Frequently Used PopClip Plug-Ins


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My Most Frequently Used PopClip Plug-Ins

PopClip, which we are giving away 10 copies of this week, is a Mac app that works a lot like the contextual menu that pops up when you highlight text on an iOS device. The app is triggered as soon as you highlight text, displaying the PopClip default actions and any plug-in actions you have installed. Some of the largest categories of actions include web searches, text transformations, URL handling, and sending text to specific apps.

Of course, I make constant use of Cut, Copy, and Paste, which is useful when my hand is on my trackpad instead of the keyboard, but probably my most frequently-used action is search. If I’m reading at my Mac and find a reference to something I want to learn more about, I highlight it, click the search icon, and Safari searches Google for the highlighted text in a new tab. There are plug-ins for many other search engines you can use too, but I use Google the most.

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