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My Menu Bar

When I sent the M1 iMac I had for review back to Apple a few weeks ago, it was time to settle back into my M1 MacBook Air, which hadn’t gotten a lot of use over the summer. Since then, I’ve worked most days at my desk with the Air connected to a 27" display, but I’ve enjoyed the flexibility of working elsewhere when I want.

Except for the Mac’s Desktop, no other part of macOS gets disorganized faster than the menu bar. Space is limited, and every app seems to want to install a new item. Ignore your menu bar for a while, and it isn’t long before it gets crowded, and everything is hard to parse visually. My menu bar wasn’t a disaster, and it fit perfectly fine on my big external display but was cramped in portable mode and disorganized in both places. It was time for a little menu bar spring cleaning.

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