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I’m always on the lookout for simple Markdown text editors to supplement my primary writing workflow. Most of my writing takes place in Obsidian, but sometimes I prefer to escape the distraction of my many Obsidian tabs and documents to write something short in a different app. I often use a separate app for editing other people’s work too. Lately, I’ve been doing this kind of writing and editing in MarkEdit, a Mac-only Markdown editor by the developer of Taio, another text editor that’s also available on the iPhone and iPad and combines a Markdown editor with integrated automation functionality.

MarkEdit doesn’t include the same sort of automation features as Taio. Instead, it’s a simple, solid text editor that fits perfectly with the kind of lightweight tasks I throw at it. Yet, it also has just enough support for Shortcuts that it’s user-extensible beyond its core set of features.

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