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John's Holiday Gift Guide


John's Holiday Gift Guide

Throughout the year, I try lots of tech gear. A lot of that is for reviews that wind up on MacStories, but just as often, something catches my eye that I think could improve my work setup. Other times, it’s just something fun that I decide I can’t live without. This year has been no different, so I thought I’d share a collection of things that I’m currently using that range from the practical to the fun.

Samsung T7 1TB SSD.

Samsung T7 1TB External SSD. Samsung makes great SSDs, and every year for the past few years, they’ve iterated on their T-Series of tiny external SSDs. I still marvel at how much storage is packed into such a tiny device that doesn’t require an external power source. I’ve tried the 250GB and 500GB models in the past, but this year I picked up the T7 for two reasons.

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