Focused Work


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Focused Work

Focused Work is a timer utility from Michael Tigas that’s designed to help you stay on task throughout the day by creating a series of custom timers tailored to your tasks. You can use Focused Work to set up traditional Pomodoro timers of focused work sessions followed by breaks or something completely different. It’s that flexibility, along with the regular updates the app receives and its incorporation of the latest Apple technologies that make it a MacStories Recommends pick.

On this week’s episode of AppStories, we included Focused Work in our roundup of apps that incorporate iOS 16 features. Federico mentioned that by creating deadlines for himself using the app’s timers, he was able to get more things done. That resonated with me because I know a hard deadline has a way of keeping me on task too. I’ve kept up with Focused Work since we last covered it on MacStories, but I haven’t worked it into my daily routine, so I decided to give it a shot. I haven’t been using Focused Work for very long yet, but my initial experiments have been promising.

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