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App Debuts


Noteworthy new app releases and updates, handpicked by the MacStories team.


I just covered AirScrobble last week, but developer Tomas Feitoza Martins is already back with an intriguing update that adds Shortcuts support to the app. First, AirScrobble added four App Shortcuts that can scrobble a song to’s online service, add to your list of Loved songs on, start the matching process for a song playing out in the world, and show your AirScrobble history. The app goes further, though, with separate Shortcuts actions for each too. Adding a song to and marking it as Loved on the service both take Track and Artist inputs, which opens up some interesting ways you could easily connect music apps that don’t support to the service. Having played with the API in the past, which is a complex mess, I’m very excited to work with these new actions.

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