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App Creators Share Their Experiences with iOS and iPadOS 15's In-App Events


A brief chat with friends of Club MacStories.

Examples of events currently running from Concepts and FitnessView.

In-App Events were introduced alongside iOS and iPadOS 15 as a new way for developers to promote their apps on the App Store. Events can be run up to 31 days and are featured across the App Store by its editorial team in the Today tab, in search results, and in an app’s listing. When a user happens upon an event, it appears as a card with custom artwork and a short description. Tapping on the card expands it to reveal additional details, and the ability to set a notification if the event hasn’t begun yet. Events also support a wide variety of activities, including challenges, competitions, live events, app updates, new seasons of content, premiers of new content, and more.

From the materials that Apple has published about In-App Events, they sounded like a good opportunity for developers to add a new dimension to their apps for users. Still, several months into the iOS and iPadOS 15 cycle, I still hadn’t seen very many apps that I use hold events, so I started asking around. I contacted the few developers I know who have held events and put a call out on Twitter to gather more examples.

I’ve compiled the experiences of everyone below, and judging from the positive responses I received, I expect we’ll be seeing more apps hold events, which I’m looking forward to. In-Apps are a form of promotion, like advertising, but they’re also a nice way to rediscover favorite apps and get something new out of the apps you already use, which makes them a win for users too.

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