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A Portable HomeKit Camera Plus a Grab Bag of Tips


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A Portable HomeKit Camera Plus a Grab Bag of Tips

With the exception of the newly released Video Doorbell G4 from Aqara, all HomeKit Secure Video-supported cameras need to be plugged into a mains power supply. Usually, this is fine, but I recently ran into this restriction while trying to use a spare camera in a temporary location. But with a simple hack, I managed to find a way around it.

The scenario was simple: my 2-year-old daughter wanted to play in one room, but I needed to be in another room sorting something out. Luckily, my daughter prefers sitting and playing with a puzzle, reading a book, or making ‘music’ to charging around. However, where she was doing this playing was not within view of my HomeKit cameras (I only have ones in the hallway and entrances). I did have a spare camera from Aqara – the excellent Camera Hub G2H – but not a cable long enough to reach a socket from where I wanted it placed.

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