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A Click Wheel Revival

A Click Wheel Revival

Bringing an iPod 5th Gen back to life.

The iPod was Apple’s original ‘halo’ device. And for me, like so many others, it was my first Apple device. It was 2005, and I was commuting to Chicago and back from the suburbs every weekday. I had a 20-minute walk to the train and a 30-45 ride each way. That left lots of time for listening to music, which made the iPod the perfect companion.

Source: Apple

I already had a big music collection and was starting to listen to podcasts, so I bought a black 60GB 5th Generation iPod with video. When it arrived, I dove into every corner of the device, syncing my music, along with my calendar and contacts, using a Windows PC, and later my first Intel-based iMac.

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