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Using Readwise Reader as My RSS Client


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Using Readwise Reader as My RSS Client

For the past week, I’ve been trying to use Readwise Reader as my all-in-one destination for articles I read on the web: instead of splitting my time between the excellent Unread (which recently added direct Readwise integration as a custom sharing option) and the Reader app, I decided to follow the suggestion of a handful of Club members who told me they had embraced the Readwise lifestyle by using it both as a read-later app and an RSS client. I was skeptical, and I still am in many ways, and there are features and certain design elements I miss from Unread – but I also think there’s something to the idea of a consolidated place for reading web stuff, so I wanted to document this experiment on MacStories Weekly.

For starters, I was able to import my existing RSS setup by getting the OPML file of my subscriptions from Inoreader and visiting the dedicated Upload page on the Readwise Reader website, which you can find here. Once I uploaded the file (I was starting from an empty Feeds page), Reader automatically converted my previous folders into “views”.

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