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Using a Workspace for Music Apps on iPadOS


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Using a Workspace for Music Apps on iPadOS

I was chatting with some fellow members in the Club MacStories Discord earlier this week, and John pointed out that a screenshot I pasted for the setup I use to listen to music on my iPad Pro was worth writing about as a tip in MacStories Weekly. So here we go.

Like other MacStories readers, I love using Marvis Pro instead of the Music app to listen to music and browse my library via advanced smart playlists and custom sections. I do, however, have to keep using Apple’s own Music app for two reasons: it’s the default player that Marvis uses behind the scenes; and, it’s the only way to see real-time lyrics for songs I’m listening to. So, for the past few months, here’s how I’ve been dealing with both Music and Marvis: thanks to Stage Manager on iPadOS, I created a music-themed workspace that contains windows for Marvis, Music, and MusicBox.

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