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Two Simple Ways to Remember Starting Timers in the Timery App


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Two Simple Ways to Remember Starting Timers in the Timery App

Like others who work from home, I like to track the time I spend working on different projects and tasks. MacStories readers and Club members know that my favorite app for this is Joe Hribar’s excellent Timery app, a longtime favorite of ours that combines access to the Toggl Track API with a native interface for Apple platforms that is always updated with support for the latest system features on iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS. And yet, despite how good Timery is, I still forget to start my timers on a regular basis. Here’s how I’m trying to fix this problem.

First, I decided to put an Anker cube charger on my desk. This fantastic little device is a MagSafe and Qi charger that supports iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch (plus other Qi-enabled devices, like the Anker SoundCore A40 earbuds I only use with my Steam Deck). The cube’s iPhone charger is a MagSafe base that can be tilted upright, which is ideal for placing it on a desk if you always want to keep an eye on your iPhone’s screen, especially if it has an always-on display. After some cable management this week (I received my new desk last week), I was able to neatly put the cube on the left side of my Studio Display, which is perfect. Now I can always glance at my iPhone without having to look down at my desk since its display is always in my field of view; I don’t find it distracting since I enabled iOS 16’s dimmed Lock Screen mode, which keeps it always on, but with a muted background.

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