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Triggering Shortcuts with Drag and Drop Input on macOS via Dropover


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Triggering Shortcuts with Drag and Drop Input on macOS via Dropover

As part of my rediscovery of macOS since I went all-in with a MacBook Air as my primary machine a month ago, friends and podcast listeners have been kindly helping me out getting back up to speed in terms of cool apps and utilities for Mac. Today, I want to highlight a specific indie app that John mentioned on AppStories that I’ve been finding especially useful to trigger my favorite shortcuts: Dropover.

Created by Damir Tursunovic, Dropover is a drag and drop utility inspired by the retired DragonDrop app and Yoink that allows you to run quick actions on files you’re dragging around by displaying a compact “shelf” with buttons that accept file input. The novel approach of Dropover is that its special overlay appears as soon as you start shaking your cursor while dragging something (with a level of sensitivity you can tweak in the app’s settings) or by holding down a keyboard modifier while dragging. For instance, on my Mac I set up Dropover to appear either when I shake the cursor or when I hold down the Shift key while dragging.

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