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The Return of AV Club

The Return of AV Club

With the help of Jonathan Reed, who is assisting us with organizing live monthly AV Club events in the Discord Town Hall, we held the first AV Club of 2023 yesterday. We had a great conversation about the original Avatar and the recently-released sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water. If you’re a Club MacStories+ member and couldn’t join live, you can catch the podcast version of the event in our Town Hall podcast feed here.

Today, we’ve begun taking suggestions for February’s pick in the AV Club channel on Discord. On January 18th, we’ll put the pick to a vote among members. Then, on January 22nd, we’ll announce the next pick, so everyone has plenty of time before we get together in the Town Hall to discuss it. That next event will be on Tuesday, February 21st, at 11:30 am Eastern US time.

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