The Many Ways To Run Shortcuts in macOS Monterey


The Many Ways To Run Shortcuts in macOS Monterey

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the debut of Shortcuts on the Mac this fall, and chief among them, is how well integrated the app is into macOS. Apple didn’t spend a lot of time on Shortcuts during the WWDC keynote, but the developer sessions, OS preview pages, and digging around in Monterey beta 1 have shown that the app is deeply embedded in macOS, which allows shortcuts to be triggered in many ways, some of which haven’t gotten much attention. So instead of a more conventional app collection this week, here’s a collection of the many ways you can (or will be able to) trigger shortcuts on the Mac.

The Shortcuts App

Shocking, I know. As on iPhones and iPads, you can run shortcuts from the Shortcuts app itself. There’s nothing special about how you run a shortcut in the app; it works the same way on all platforms. However, the lack of a difference between platforms, however, is part of the story.

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