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Take Control of Your Matter Queue with MatterBot


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Take Control of Your Matter Queue with MatterBot

As part of the Starter Pack event yesterday on MacStories, I shared the backstory of my experiments with the so far still-unannounced Matter API. Matter, the relatively young read-later service we’ve mentioned a few times on Club MacStories and AppStories, has been working on an API behind the scenes that will allow clients to save articles, retrieve your queue, get highlights from stories, and more. As I detailed in the story on the site yesterday, there isn’t an “official” way to perform authenticated requests to the Matter API yet; however, if you have the Matter plugin installed in the Obsidian app on Apple platforms, you’ll be able to rely on the authentication token used by the plugin to do whatever you want with the Matter API. That is, provided you know where to look.

Today for Club MacStories members, I want to share a more advanced shortcut I’ve built for the Matter API called MatterBot. Before I dive into the details of what MatterBot can do, however, you should keep this in mind: if you want to use this shortcut, make sure to read my first article about the Matter API on MacStories. That story contains the necessary first steps to get started with the Matter API and instructions on how to tell Shortcuts where to find an authentication token for your Matter account. MatterBot is based on the same authentication technique, so it’s important you connect your Matter account to the Obsidian plugin first. You can even ignore Obsidian after that; all we need is the authentication token from Matter.

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