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Optimizing Shortcuts for the Launcher App and Home Screen Widgets


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Optimizing Shortcuts for the Launcher App and Home Screen Widgets

This week’s Shortcuts column is more of a technique I want to share than a shortcut you can download. Think of it as a taste of what you can expect from my Automation Academy for Club Plus and Premier members, if you will.

I’m spending some time reorganizing my Home Screen, and I’ve finally accepted a truth about myself: instead of swiping between multiple Home Screen pages, I’d rather use a single page and fill it with icons and shortcuts. The problem is that the current grid architecture of the iOS Home Screen and the size of icons in the iPhone dock don’t make it easy to fill up a single page with a lot of apps and shortcuts. Add to that the fact that I also don’t like widget stacks (I forget they exist, just like Home Screen pages) and that the small Shortcuts widget only supports showing two shortcuts at the same time instead of four or six, and you see why I’m struggling.

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