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My End-of-the-Year Shortcuts Grab Bag


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My End-of-the-Year Shortcuts Grab Bag

We’re approaching the end of the year and this is the final issue of MacStories Weekly for 2021 (can you believe we never took almost no time off from the newsletter this year?), and I have to be honest with you all: I’ve been incredibly inspired by Shortcuts lately, and I’ve built too many interesting and useful shortcuts over the past month or so. I feel invigorated by the arrival of Shortcuts on macOS; it’s like I’ve fallen in love with the app all over again.

So, while I will be spending some of my holiday break time reorganizing my Shortcuts library and planning content for 2022, I figured it’d be useful to close out the year on MacStories Weekly with a collection of a handful of shortcuts I’ve created that likely wouldn’t justify having a standalone story anywhere. Let’s dive in.

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