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Making Of: The iOS and iPadOS 13 Review


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Making Of: The iOS and iPadOS 13 Review

When Apple announced that iOS was going to be split in a second branch called iPadOS back in June, I didn’t think it would cause any major disruptions to my schedule at first. I only realized that the scope of this year’s review was going to be wildly different from previous years when I understood that the issue wasn’t iPadOS – it was the sheer magnitude of every other app and system change in iOS 13. And at that point, it was too late to turn back. So I just went for it.

Note-Taking and Writing

At a high level, the note-taking and writing processes for my iOS and iPadOS 13 review weren’t too dissimilar from the iOS 12 review and my story from May, Beyond the Tablet. As usual, I started taking notes during WWDC: I created a folder in the Notes app called “iOS & iPadOS 13 Review” and started organizing my notes by topic based on the sessions I would attend. For instance, everything I learned about Shortcuts and Siri went into a “Shortcuts” note, while details and thoughts related to Dark mode, context menus, and the new share sheet were saved in a “Design” note.

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