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Making Of: The iOS 16 Review


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Making Of: The iOS 16 Review

My approach to the iOS review this year was one born out of sheer necessity. I spent months without sharing this information on Twitter and my various podcasts, but last February, my girlfriend Silvia and I began the long, time-consuming process of buying our first house. Between construction companies, banks, notaries, attorneys, and other paperwork stuff I won’t bore you with, we eventually signed our contract – and got the keys to the house – in mid-July. Then we had to move in, start looking for furniture, and do all the other things with a new place that grownups do. It’s been a learning, sometimes scary experience that has taught me a lot about being a homeowner.

It also meant that I had to figure out how to get the review done in 1/3 of the time I usually spend on it. And as you may have seen on MacStories earlier this week, I managed to do exactly that.

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