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Making Of: Beyond the Tablet


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Making Of: Beyond the Tablet

Earlier this week, I published Beyond the Tablet, an in-depth analysis of the seven years I’ve been using an iPad as my main computer. The story focuses on four major areas of iPad productivity: it was my goal to offer a complete account of all my iPad experiments, apps, and workflows in a single, well-documented essay. Beyond the Tablet is available on MacStories, but Club MacStories members can also download a free eBook version of it here.

In this week’s issue of MacStories Weekly, I’m going to share some of the details behind my approach to writing this story and the apps I used to make it happen in a relatively short amount of time; below, Brian King (who worked on the special 3D animation shown on the web and the cover images for chapters) is going to take us behind the scenes of his setup and process as well.

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