iOS 16 Review: Perks Recap

iOS 16 Review: Perks Recap

It’s been a busy week, and we’ve released a lot for Club members in connection with Federico’s iOS 16 review, including more things today. To help you find it all, I thought I’d summarize and link everything below:

  • Club-Wide Perks
    • Available now from the Club MacStories Downloads page:
      • iOS 16: The MacStories Review, eBook Edition
      • OS Preview 2022: MacStories Extras, eBook Edition
    • Available below in this issue of MacStories Weekly:
      • Making Of: The iOS 16 Review, by Federico
      • The Making Of the iOS 16 Animations and Artwork by Michael Steeber
      • Topic Reader, an advanced shortcut for Club MacStories members

Federico had also hoped to share a shortcut he created called Park My Car, which was designed to go beyond CarPlay’s ability to recall the location of your car in the Maps app. However, a Shortcuts bug in the Set Parked Car action prevents it from working as intended, so we can’t share that shortcut today. However, the shortcut will be released at a later date when Apple fixes the bug.

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