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Interview: Simon Støvring


A brief chat with friends of Club MacStories.

Simon Støvring

Twitter: @simonbs. The developer of Scriptable and Jayson.

What are you looking forward to in iOS 13 as a developer and user?

The improvements to shortcuts have me very excited, both as a developer and as a user. APIs that enable shortcuts to take input and provide outpout was my single biggest wish from this year’s WWDC and not only did I get that, but it’s also much more flexible than I had dared to hope for. After last year’s WWDC, it seemed many developers feared that shortcuts would be a passing fad but with this year’s improvements, I think Apple has shown that shortcuts are here to stay.

I’m also looking forward to spending more time with the updated Photos app. Being a thrill seeker, I installed the iOS 13 beta within the first few days of its release and since then, I have loved browsing through memories in the “Months” view. Especially on the iPad where there’s more room for big photos.

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