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Interview: Greg Pierce


A brief chat with friends of Club MacStories.

Greg Pierce

Twitter: @agiletortoise. Creator of Drafts, Terminology, and other apps.

What has the reaction to Drafts 5 been like? Has the update changed who uses it and how?

The reaction to Drafts 5 has been overwhelming. The update was a huge undertaking, more than two years in the making, and there were times along the way I was not sure if the efforts would pan out and make a sustainable business of Drafts in the changing app marketplace. Notes apps are not a glamorous category, but it’s been nice to find that there is support out there for building lasting software on iOS.

There are a lot of changes in Drafts 5, which enable new ways to use the app, but none of those new features are required. The app stays true to its roots as a quick capture tool intended to be the starting place for jotting down any sort of text. Many people are using it the same way they always have, to jot things down, create lists, draft tweets, send messages, whatever.

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