Interview: Andreas Hegenberg


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Andreas Hegenberg

Twitter: @LLo_ai. Developer of BetterTouchToolBetterSnapTool, and BTT Remote. Founder of folivora.Ai GmbH.

BetterTouchTool can run shortcuts itself and includes a long list of actions for building shortcuts. What are some of the ways you expect users to integrate your app with Shortcuts?

That is a great question but also one I cannot really answer. I have been working on BetterTouchTool for many years and have given users the ability to create many cool things, however I’ve never provided concrete usage suggestions. Sometimes I think “why did I add this action, nobody will ever use this”, but then a time comes where the action breaks (due to my error or a macOS bug) and almost immediately, users will tell me they have been using it for X and Y and really need it back ASAP. People are really creative and their needs differ a lot depending on what they do with their Macs.

That’s why I just tried to expose as many actions as possible to Shortcuts. I do not know how people will use them, but I’m sure they will and I will continue to add more.

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