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Interview: Anders Borum


A brief chat with friends of Club MacStories.

Anders Borum

Twitter: @palmin. Developer of Working Copy.

1. At MacStories we use your app, Working Copy, to share Markdown drafts of articles with each other, which is probably a pretty uncommon use for the app. Who is your typical customer and what types of things have you seen Working Copy used for?

My customers are typically developers. Many are using the app for code review. Being able to read and search through your project source code can be very convenient on the iPad, and because of the way Git works, this can be done without an Internet connection. This is nice when commuting, where you sometimes jump in and out of coverage.

But for many development tasks you lack the toolchain to compile, test, and deploy your work on iOS. Some users are working around that with build and test servers that can do these tasks when you push to a Git server. With services like Heroku, configuring a web app to deploy by doing a Git push is pretty easy.

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