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Fixing Multi-Device Pairing and Wrist Pain with the Logitech MX Keys Mini and Lift Mouse


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Fixing Multi-Device Pairing and Wrist Pain with the Logitech MX Keys Mini and Lift Mouse

As Club MacStories members know, I’ve spent a lot of time and resources over the past few months trying to figure out my ideal work setup and the computers I want to use on a daily basis. I ended up with a hybrid setup in which I primarily get work done from a MacBook Air, but I also have a gaming PC and an iPad Pro. All of these devices connect to the same USB hub (the Microsoft Audio Dock) and I’m using a USB-C switch hidden under my desk (this one) to switch video output between Apple computers (Mac and iPad) and my PC. All of them ultimately connect to a Studio Display, which I use to get work done and play PC games. I’ve been using this system for nearly two months at this point, and I have no complaints.

The one aspect that took me longer to figure out was mouse and keyboard input. When I wrote about my Universal Control approach last year, my setup was different: I was using a Mac mini at my desk and I was constantly switching between that device and the iPad Pro; I didn’t have a gaming PC underneath my desk that I also had to control with a mouse and keyboard. (At the time, the gaming PC was hidden in a cabinet in the living room, under the TV; we eventually needed that space for other things, so I moved the PC to my office.) With a third device in the mix, I had to find another solution to move between different computers while also not cluttering my desk in the process.

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