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Five iOS 16 Features You May Have Not Seen Yet


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Five iOS 16 Features You May Have Not Seen Yet

As is always the case for major new versions of iOS and iPadOS, there are hundreds of smaller features that don’t make the cut for Apple’s presentations and have to be discovered by users over the course of the beta period. Longtime MacStories readers know that coming across these changes to the operating systems is one of my favorite aspects of working on an annual review of iOS and iPadOS. I’ve been using the first beta of iOS 16 since it was released to developers on June 6, and here are five smaller features you may have not heard about yet that I think you’re going to love.

Add Credit Card CVV to Autofill Info

For years now, Safari has been able to automatically fill credit card information on webpages by using the cardholder’s name, card type, number, and expiration date previously configured in Settings. The only field that couldn’t be auto-filled was the card’s security code (or CVV), which you had to manually type each time you were using a credit or debit card in Safari.

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